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The market, application and industry of high-voltage inverter

according to the prediction of the international arc organization, China's AC speed regulation market will reach 8billion US dollars in 2007, and the high-power high-voltage inverter market will be 2billion US dollars. The industry will develop at an annual growth rate of 20% - 30%. During the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, key projects and major technical equipment projects, such as the west to east gas transmission project, the west to East power transmission project, the south to North Water Transfer Project, large hot and cold rolling mills, large mine hoisting equipment, high-speed railway traction and magnetic levitation drive equipment, all require a large number of advanced and reliable high-power high-voltage frequency converters, which will mostly rely on the products of domestic manufacturers. Therefore, if a strong company cuts into the field of high-voltage inverter at this time, it will be a very good opportunity and will obtain unexpected gains. The successful rise of domestic manufacturers will not only set off a climax of high-voltage inverter application in China, but also greatly promote the technological development in this field. Product progress and capital investment

the total installed capacity of power generation in China has exceeded 500million kW, and the national annual power generation has exceeded 2trillion kw h. Both rank second in the world. The energy utilization rate of China is about 20% lower than that of developed countries on average, and the annual power saving potential of motor system alone is about 100billion kw h. It is estimated that 200-300 billion yuan will be invested in the transformation and renewal

in the past 2-5 years, we can get accurate torque results, which is the best time for the great development of the field of high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation. The market will grow exponentially and may reach a market scale of more than 10billion/year. The market performance of high-voltage variable frequency converter is very stable, and it will not be full within 10 years. There should be 5-8 enterprises of a large scale in China and gradually replace foreign products, accounting for more than 80% of the market share, because, Domestic manufacturers have a better understanding of this market and Chinese users, and the developed products are more applicable. After all, high-voltage inverter is not a fully standardized product. It is always necessary to do appropriate secondary development in combination with the different requirements of various users on site, which is difficult for foreign manufacturers and agents to do

reliability is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. Price and service are the key to the growth of high-voltage inverter enterprises in recent years. They are also the three main conditions of competition. They are also the basis of productization and industrialization. Strive to gradually achieve an average price of 600 yuan/kw ~ 1000 yuan/kw to adapt to the purchasing power of more users. Market competition will promote the rapid progress of technology. At present, the problems to be solved are:

1 Smaller volume

2, higher power

safer system

3, higher performance

4. Use of new devices, new processes and new materials

5. Adopt new and advanced control methods

in recent years, due to the shortage of energy and the requirements of production technology, high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation has become the only way for large-scale production enterprises to save energy, and the domestic market demand for high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation has also risen sharply. At present, domestic high-voltage inverters have fully entered important fields such as electric power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, building materials, etc. at the same time, domestic high-voltage inverters occupy 1/3 of the market share. For the current market situation of high-voltage inverter, a greater application climax is gradually taking shape

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