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Nuggets Road (Part 1) market breakthrough of Diankou hardware industry editor's note:

celebrate the birthday of the motherland and never forget the original intention of struggle

Zhuji's large-scale media integration action of "promoting high-quality development" is led by Zhuji's team members to practice "foot power, eyesight, brain power, and pen power", explore the roots, go deep into the grass-roots level, conduct spot research, excavate and report Zhuji's serious implementation of the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, provinces and municipalities on promoting high-quality development, implement the new development concept, and steadily promote high-quality development, Present to the 70th birthday of new China

from now on, we will publish development articles in a centralized manner. The first stop is Diankou. The report team vividly recorded the stories of ordinary people growing up with the Republic, as well as the sweat and efforts of the Party committee and government for the people's real sense of gain, and gathered strong positive energy to pursue dreams, strive for revitalization and rise for the grand goal of "two high levels" of high-quality construction. Please pay attention

■ Zhuji all media reports Shi Jiangang, chenboqu, Du Mengying, Guo Bin, Zhou Yuwen, Zhao Xianfang

drawing: Xuan Donghan special thanks: Bian Fuliang, Fu Qiliang, Lizi

how to define the store entrance

there are 100 judgments from 100 perspectives. For native Diankou people, Diankou is the market. Only by reading the market can we truly understand the rise, progress and future of Diankou—— Caption

I. running away and supply and marketing

the market was once the nostalgia of people at the entrance of the store. It was an infinite railway track. Hometown was on this end, but hope was on the other end

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, Diankou people, with infinite longing for a way out, resolutely changed the "Dingkou" surrounded by mountains on three sides into a "Diankou" that seemed too simple and straightforward at that time. It has given this small city the temperament of a market

the pace of shopkeepers chasing the market began in the 1970s. Thousands of "waiwaiwai guys" have been born here, and the first fierce intersection between the store and the market has been achieved by means of the supply and marketing of hardware factories and agricultural machinery factories

Zhou Qiaohua, 73, of Jinhu community, belongs to the first generation of "waiters" in Diankou. Poverty, factories, Jiangxi, trains, the key words extracted from him, are the common attributes of all "outsiders", and also give a lasting game between shops, local and remote places, land and market in that historical period

at that time, they were really poor. The people at the store tried to find a way out. They served the crops and went to Jiangxi to harvest wood to earn extra money. This experience has also become a stepping stone for Zhou Qiaohua to enter the factory and run supply and marketing in the future. "Compared with other young people in the village, I at least know how to take the train."

in November 1979, after the late rice at home was cut, he ran supply and marketing for Diankou hardware No. 2 factory, and the destination was Shandong. This time, the business cost 11000 yuan, and the profit was about 3500 yuan. According to the profit commission of 100 yuan of 4 yuan, the income was 140 yuan. At that time, the income of farmers in Zhuji was only twoorthree yuan a year, which was much more than farming

for the first time, he realized the benefits of the market

second, factories and stores are the cells of the city. No matter how good the market is, if it has been far away, it is someone else's poetry, not the pragmatism of the store

in Zhou Qiaohua's fourth year of supply and marketing, there was the first hardware store at the entrance of the store. The number plate of No. 1557 in Xinyi village was nailed to the old street called the origin of Diankou hardware, which also nailed into the history of Diankou

the owner of the house is chenchunfeng, born in 1949, the same age as the Republic. She clearly remembered that it was September, 1983, when Chen Zhangmu opened the first hardware store in her storefront

Chen Zhangmu is a name that can never be bypassed in the history of Diankou market. At the age of 58, he retired from the position of the factory director of Diankou hardware factory. He knows better than anyone how hundreds of collective hardware factories at the township and village levels of Diankou tacitly face each other and isolate the business, information and technology that should be shared in the name of Diankou. At that time, there was only one sales mode in the store: "waiwaiters" from all over the world got the supply and marketing contract and went back to the factory with the list

shopkeepers need a platform to promote communication and common development! In the 13th year when the gear of Diankou hardware industry drives the pressing shaft to rotate at the same time, Chen Zhangmu stood at a higher position and in a longer-term direction, thinking about the future of Diankou people. He wants to use such a store to establish a hardware information center, so that the hardware factories in the whole town can exchange information

at that time, there were only a few kinds of hardware products at the entrance of the store, such as bent grease fittings, straight grease fittings, oil pipe joints, etc. "waiwaiwai Lao" went to business with the product catalogue. While selling the products at the entrance of the store, he also brought the samples needed outside back to the entrance of the store, so that the skilled people in the factory could draw and produce mold tools. Some new products will appear in hardware stores together with "old three pieces" to earn a little price difference between hardware factories and customers

business is good! In the first month of opening, the turnover of the hardware store unexpectedly reached more than 1000 yuan. You know, Chen Chunfeng's monthly salary was only 23 yuan at that time

by 1984, Chen Chunfeng resigned, borrowed 800 yuan and opened a hardware store himself

III. factory director and shopkeeper

up to now, it's hard to say whether hardware stores gave birth to the prosperity of hardware factories, or whether hardware factories grew because of the needs of hardware stores, but the collision between the two actually triggered the most dazzling sprouting of people in the store

1985, in the bugle of Zhuji county Party committee and county government, "backbone enterprises shoulder the heavy burden, thousands of households promote doubling, the four wheels turn together, and the ten levels rise together", Zhou Qiaohua left his supply and marketing position and set up a hardware factory himself, becoming one of the hundreds of factory directors born overnight. This was the unanimous choice of almost all "outsiders" at that time. It can be said that the rise of family workshops is in turn with the decline of township and village owned collective enterprises. Those backbones, with capital, technology and more important market independent portals, have become the most important cornerstone for the vigorous development of Diankou hardware industry

by 1988, there were 1163 hardware stores. "A family has a factory, which is used by the whole family, old and young. The accountant and cashier act as their own, and manage their own profits and losses". At that time, a widely circulated doggerel described the scene of Diankou hardware factory in the form of mom and pop stores, brotherhood, and family industry

at this time, the hardware industry at the entrance of the store suddenly came to a bottleneck. Along the commercial vein of Diankou old street, it meanders southward. More than 1000 individual hardware factories and hardware stores have been built in the old street, Cunkou street and qiaoxia street. The narrow and narrow old street view has become one of the most unsatisfying facades of the emerging store hardware. It is said that several enterprises have lost several big businesses because of this "low, small and scattered"

in Chen Danian's photo album, then director of Diankou Sancun village, there is a group photo of more than 40 people in front of Beijing's Tian'anmen Square. Behind this, there is a game between the town government and the village cadres. What they are fighting about is how to break through the store in the future

in order to create a market for the hardware industry, Chai feichao, then Secretary of the Party committee of Diankou Town, held no less than 10 meetings for the village cadres in the town. Every time when we reached the "important land" pass, the village directors kept silent: the land is the life of farmers. If we circle so much land to build a market, we will be scolded

finally, the town government set up an investigation group. These more than 40 village cadres who had not traveled far, from Daqiuzhuang to Huaxi Village, from Beijing to Hangzhou, opened their eyes. The outside world is wonderful. The new city built on the local farmland gave Diankou village cadres a great impact, and finally agreed to sell the land, plant dreams from a place called xiachiyuan at the southernmost end of Cunkou street, and give Diankou a new development engine

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IV. market and market group

in 1992, without a penny of national investment, the Diankou Party committee and government launched the bidding and bid recognition of business households in the town in stages and batches to raise funds to build the most classic landmark of Diankou: South China Hardware City. It covers an area of 550 mu, with reasonable structure and complete facilities, integrating professional markets, industrial communities and business centers

chenboming, the operator of Diankou community, is one of the first self-employed hardware stores in the town. From the old street to Cunkou street to qiaoxia street, he, like many peers, thrives by city. When the drawings of the bidding plan were released, he did not hesitate to take out 70000 yuan and recognized the business room bid at No. 11, unit 3, hardware city

the initial 45million yuan fund-raising fund will realize the initial construction funds of the hardware city phase I project and supporting facilities in just one week, which is behind the confidence of thousands of store hardware owners. In 1994, the Southern Hardware City was completed, with a business area of 40000 square meters and more than 3600 hardware stores. The transaction volume reached 1.3 billion yuan by means of the former store and the latter factory. This is Chen Zhangmu's dream to blossom and bear fruit. It is the real name of the hometown of hardware, a model for thousands of households to participate in the market economy, and a virtuous cycle of "Prospering an industry, running a market, and prospering an economy"

after that, the shopkeepers who tasted the sweetness committed themselves to building a prosperous city. The auto parts market in October, 1994, the plumbing market in 1996, the copper market in 2002, and the joint consignment market in 2004... By 2007, the shopkeepers had accelerated their pace in the physical market of the endless scenery of the upstream paper industry in this year, and rushed to the East China auto parts plumbing city built by Hailiang group. This is a large comprehensive trade market integrating trade, logistics, e-commerce, exhibitions, offices and residences. Here, foreigners speaking local dialects converge into a massive industrial flood dominated by store hardware. As 30 years ago, thousands of people in stores took this as the center and set out for the whole country

the rise of a capital town is between scattered and gathered

v. Diankou and the world

the toughness of Diankou lies in that it can always grasp the pulse of the times and step on its own beat at an accurate time node. From running the market in the 1980s to building the market in the 1990s, to the present, auto parts, hardware, machinery, refrigeration, pipes and pipe fittings have also traveled all over the world through a series of well-known domestic and foreign platforms such as Alibaba,, express, universal, world factory, etc. At the same time, the powerful kinetic energy of the industry siphons advanced machinery and equipment and management concepts from all over the world for my use

in 2017, Hangzhou Sixi, the largest third-party service provider under Alibaba, settled down, opening a new door for store products to log on to the Internet. The "xiaomimi" idea Business Co., Ltd. established by Si Xi cooperated with many enterprises in the outlet of 1000 stores, such as wedge fixture, through agent operation and self-operation, and turned it into the warehouse of the company. By the second year, the sales volume had exceeded 100 million. These days, he Zhengfeng, the general manager of the company, is busy looking for special agricultural products at the outlet of the store, broadcasting a wide variety of live broadcasts for xiaomimi farm, which has just opened for a month. At the beginning of May, two Taobao live broadcast stores, xiaomimi farm and pet whale Meng pet, opened one after another, catching chickens, killing chickens, watching grapes, watching ducks, playing pets... The growth of tens of thousands of fans every day witnessed the new outlet of the development model of Diankou enterprises

from the tangible market to the boundless world, the store has already quietly turned around and is ready to work for it. The "digital economy industry development planning plan for Diankou small cities" issued in 2018

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