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China's overall adhesive market characteristics and development trend

although the general development trend of adhesives is non organic solvation, polyurethane solvent based adhesives will still exist for a long time because of their excellent process and bonding properties, especially the performance of non organic solvent based adhesives can not fully reach the level of solvent based adhesives at present

in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries or regions, the amount of solvent based polyurethane adhesive in the field of dry compounding is more than 60%. Since 1980, China has introduced Japanese composite film production technology and equipment. Up to now, it is estimated that there are more than 300 dry composite film production lines, and the usage of polyurethane adhesive is more than 35000 tons/year. The first solvent based two-component polyurethane adhesive used in the composite packaging industry in China was produced by the Beijing Institute of chemical industry in 1984 with technology introduced from West Germany. The main agent product is polyurethane adhesive with low viscosity and high solid content (75%). Since then, various types of domestic composite equipment have entered the market. The domestic mechanical tensile testing machine is a kind of tensile property testing equipment. Manufacturers and research institutes have successively developed various suitable solvent-based two-component polyurethane adhesives, mainly products with low solid content (15%~50%) and high viscosity

generally speaking, products with low viscosity and high solid content can be coated at a high speed at a concentration of more than 40% because of their low viscosity, less solvent consumption, environmental friendliness, low comprehensive cost, high transparency and good strength of their products, but they have high requirements for equipment, process and raw material control, and are prone to various defects such as poor strength when applied improperly. This product is suitable for composite manufacturers with a certain scale. However, products with low solid content (15%~50%) and high viscosity have high initial viscosity, good adaptability to domestic compounding machines, but their transparency is slightly poor, too many solvents are used, which are not friendly to the environment, and their comprehensive costs are high. These products are suitable for medium and small-scale compounding manufacturers

at present, from the perspective of China's overall adhesive market, it has the following characteristics:

multinational companies can keep the experimental data and consequences for six times. They can not only promote their functional and non organic solvent products in China and seize the high-end market, but also directly or cooperatively produce ordinary polyurethane adhesives to compete for the general market. After years of digestion, absorption and independent development, domestic enterprises have mastered the production technology of ordinary polyurethane adhesive and produced it. The current output is estimated to be 30000 tons/year, with about 30 varieties. Some domestic companies with strong technical capabilities have been able to produce high-performance functional or non organic solvent products. Functional solvent adhesives produced in China, such as high-temperature cooking resistant, medium resistant and smooth resistant formulations, have been introduced one after another, making up for the gap. In terms of non organic solvent based polyurethane adhesives, despite the introduction of new products, there is a certain gap with solvent based products in terms of process operation and application performance, and the cost is also at a disadvantage. The application and promotion situation is still far behind that of developed countries

with China's entry into WTO and the improvement of domestic awareness of environmental protection, technical barriers in environmental protection will be highlighted. Composite film manufacturers and adhesive manufacturers should work together to improve the technical level of composite products

comprehensive investigation and analysis of the current domestic polyurethane adhesive industry, as for the next development of polyurethane adhesive, we believe that:

(1) the production technology of domestic general composite solvent based two-component polyurethane adhesive has been fully mastered, and some manufacturers have mature processes and stable quality, which can completely replace imported products

(2) in China, only some manufacturers have replaced the sensor. The production technology of solvent based two-component polyurethane adhesive for cooking resistant composite has passed the standard. Years of promotion and application have shown that the product quality is stable and the price is reasonable, which can replace imported products

(3) products such as special glue for aluminizing film and functional glue for anti slippery agent have strong pertinence and outstanding performance, which should be vigorously promoted

(4) China's climate is obviously different, and the conditions of composite equipment are different. Composite manufacturers should choose suitable adhesive varieties pertinently

complete the tensile, compression and bending tests of the samples (5) China has joined the WTO, composite manufacturers should pay attention to improving technology, updating composite equipment, cooperating with the promotion of environmental friendly adhesives, breaking environmental protection technical barriers, and adapting to the requirements of global development

(6) adhesive development units and manufacturers should speed up the development of environmental protection substitutes to make the comprehensive performance of products meet the composite requirements

(7) industry associations should improve product inspection means and methods, accelerate the formulation of product industry standards, so as to establish technical barriers and protect national industries

with the continuous development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the market has higher and higher requirements for adhesive products. Products with good performance, high quality and environmental protection will be favored by people. Adhesive production enterprises and scientific research institutes should increase scientific and technological investment according to the market demand, and actively research and develop new adhesive products with high performance and high quality, so as to cope with the competition in the domestic and foreign markets

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