Hottest West New 278 atmospheric pressure sensor

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West launched 278 atmospheric pressure sensor

Danaher Setra (West) launched a new model278 ③ Generally, the clamp adopts excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structure. In fact, good machine performance and efficiency are a major factor affecting the price of steel gas pressure sensor. The long-term stability of this product is less than 0.1 mb/year, which can be used in the environment where accurate measurement and rapid response are required, and we should regularly check the long-term stability and long-term reliability

in order to withstand the harsh environment and environmental monitoring needs of automatic weather station (AWS), the shell of model278 is made of stainless steel and polyester. The pluggable 5-pin terminal block makes it very simple to connect the data recorder and the signal connection. The 1/8 barb pressure interface simplifies the air circuit connection. The volume of the sensor is only (3.6 2.4 1.0), which is an ideal choice to apply and replace existing products

model 278 can work in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ (-40 f ~ +140 f). User selectable 5VDC or VDC output, 3-wire or 4-wire circuit and 9 VDC excitation. The working power consumption of the sensor is very low (3mA nominal). Its sleep characteristic reduces the power consumption to 1 A, and when the pressure reading starts quickly, the sensor can also start quickly, and the signal of higher frequency will be attenuated or filtered

model 278 adopts Setra's setraceramtm capacitive sensing element and unique ic analog circuit, which fundamentally simplifies the design. The thermally stable glass fused ceramic sensing cavity combined with Setra's proven capacitive charge balance IC circuit makes the sensor perform well in accuracy and environmental compensation. Setraceramtm sensor has excellent thermal expansion coefficient and low mechanical hysteresis, which makes model278 have good long-term stability

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