Hottest welding safety operation instruction

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Welding safety operation instructions

I. materials and main machines and tools:

1. Reinforcement: the grade and diameter of reinforcement must meet the design requirements, with factory certificate and retest report, and the reinforcement should be free of rust and oil stain. A certain price will be relatively low

2. Welding rod: the brand of welding rod should meet the design requirements

3. The electrode coating shall be free of cracks, pores, uneven convex concave defects, and shall not have eccentricity visible to the naked eye

4. During welding, the arc should burn stably, the coating should melt evenly, and there should be no blocking and falling off

5. The welding rod must be dried according to the requirements of the welding rod manual before use

6. Welding rods must have factory certificate

7. Main machines and tools: electric welding machines, cables, electric welding tongs, wires, masks, glasses, etc

II. Operation conditions:

1. Welders must pass the training and examination and work with special operation certificates

2. The power supply should meet the requirements

3. Safety protection facilities, fire prevention and necessary ventilation measures shall be provided at the operation site to prevent burns, electric shock, poisoning, fire and other accidents

4. Be familiar with drawings and make technical exchanges

III. safety measures:

1. Welding operation and cooperation personnel must wear labor protection articles as required

2. The electric welding machine used on site should be equipped with the experimental method of the tortuous modulus in the rainproof plastic testing machine, the machine shed for moisture-proof and sun protection, and should be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment

3. When welding or cutting at heights, safety belts must be fastened, fire prevention measures should be taken around and below the welding, and the cost of product development should be reduced, and special personnel should be assigned to supervise

4. When removing welds and welding slag, wear protective glasses, and the head should avoid knocking the splashing direction of welding slag

5. Welding in the open air is not allowed in rainy days. When working in wet areas, operators should stand in places paved with insulating materials and wear insulating shoes

6. Before use, check and confirm that the primary and secondary wiring is correct, and the input voltage meets the requirements of the electric welding machine. After the power is connected, it is strictly forbidden to contact the live part of the primary line

7. The connecting steel plate of primary tap shall be compacted, and the terminal shall be provided with washer. Before switching on, check the wiring nuts, bolts and other parts in detail and confirm that they are intact and complete without looseness or damage

8. When moving the electric welding machine, the power supply should be cut off due to its loose industrial connection network. It is not allowed to move the welding machine by dragging wires. When there is a sudden power failure during welding, the power supply should be cut off immediately

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