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Viewgood Xinjiang Karamay municipal government streaming media project solution

I. market environment

informatization and scientization have swept all corners of modern society and promoted the development of all levels of society. In the process of social informatization, Karamay City has developed rapidly, and the leadership and command role of Karamay municipal government is becoming more and more important. Efficiency, timeliness, and science and technology are becoming increasingly prominent in the daily operations of the government. In order to keep up with the development trend and play a leading role in the development of Karamay City, Karamay municipal government decided to carry out office informatization reform and introduce advanced streaming media technology platform

after comprehensive evaluation and performance comparison of products on the market, viewgood's streaming media products stand out. The raising and investment projects are unfamiliar with the cycle of viewgood and Xinjiang Tianye industry. In fact, this is not the first time in recent years that Xinxiang Chemical fiber has successfully won the bid for the streaming media platform jointly constructed by private placement and Digital Technology Co., Ltd

problems of the experimental journey

II. User requirements

1. The product has good playback performance and can be compatible with playing a variety of media formats

2. The system has strong concurrency, scalability and smooth upgrade

3. Support live broadcast of files in various formats

4. The system has perfect functions and strong stability

5. Support anti-theft chain and anti download, and the system has good security performance

III. user demand analysis

as a government propaganda platform facing the broad masses of the people, the streaming media platform of Karamay municipal government in Xinjiang has high requirements for the stability of the system. Due to the wide range and large number of audiences, the concurrency performance of the system requires that it can support large concurrency, and the platform itself can be smoothly upgraded and expanded with the progress of technology and the needs of actual operation. Because there are many government documents processed and communicated, the live broadcast system of the platform can support live broadcast of documents in various formats, and the communication of information makes the information between departments unimpeded. The functions of systematically preventing downloading and anti-theft chain should be strong to prevent the outflow of important government documents and information

scheme advantages

viewgood platform video on demand system (WEB VOD) has strong concurrency and scalability, and can realize smooth upgrade; The video playback is clear, and the drag delay is very short; Support multiple media formats. Weblive has a short playback delay to ensure the playback quality of the product; Support multiple formats of file live broadcast. Viewgood streaming media platform itself provides load balancing, and the system provides efficient traffic balancing and user number management mechanism to ensure the access quality of users to the greatest extent. The anti-theft chain and anti download function fully ensure the security and confidentiality of the platform

scheme design

1. Strong concurrency performance: using the vcconnect technology based on the transmission and exchange of media streams at the bottom of the network with viewgood's independent intellectual property rights, the network transmission speed can be controlled according to the program code stream. At the same time, many technologies such as file pre reading, stream buffering and connection multiplexing are adopted to greatly improve the concurrency performance of the system. The single machine 1000 is concurrent and unbuffered

2. The system can realize smooth capacity expansion and automatic upgrading

3. Load balancing: the system adopts load balancing (web server load balancing, on-demand server load balancing, user-defined load), so that if any video server fails, the system can still operate normally, truly meet the requirements of carrier level, and facilitate the smooth expansion of the system

4. Multimedia format support: the unified player "webplayer" is adopted, which supports all mainstream streaming media formats, including MPEG-1 (MPG, DAT, MP3), MPEG-4 (AVI, ASF, wmv), real (RM, RMVB), real10, etc. it can realize the unified storage, management, scheduling, and sending of programs in different formats, and there is no need to plug in other streaming media systems. The structure is simple, which improves the stability and manageability of the system

5. Program fast drag: it supports the drag of programs in any format, and the drag delay is very short

6. Support live broadcast of files in various formats

7. Support anti-theft chain and anti Download: adopt a perfect anti-theft chain mechanism to fully ensure the security of program sources. Adopt double security authentication: Web authentication and kernel authentication, eliminate the possibility of illegal VOD, and finally prevent ie download and tool download

IV. topology

system composition

(1) system software: Windows Server 2003

(2) hardware configuration:


acquisition workstation

recommended configuration: Intel Pentium 4 630512mb memory, 80GB hard disk, acquisition device

v. scheme evaluation

1. The powerful concurrency and unbuffered performance of the platform meet the needs of system users and the use effect of products

2. The smooth expansion and automatic upgrading of the system can then lay the foundation for future system upgrading

3. The load balancing technology of the platform fully ensures the stability of system operation and the quality of user access

4. The anti-theft chain and anti download functions fully ensure the security of the station platform

5. The live broadcast function of the platform makes it convenient and timely for the government to release and transmit numerous documents

VI reduce excessive dependence on plastic products raw material oil, user comments

the establishment of streaming media platform has improved the office efficiency of Karamay municipal government in Xinjiang, promoted the scientific and modern office environment of the government, enhanced the command efficiency of Karamay government, and promoted the economic construction and cultural development of Karamay City

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