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Wind River enhanced VxWorks 653 integrated module avionics system hardware support

Wind River, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, announced at the avionics Europe conference a few days ago that it would launch the latest version of VxWorks 653 platform immediately. VxWorks 653 is a special real-time operating system of Fenghe for the safety critical ARINC 653 integrated modular avionics system (IMA), which is specially designed for complex control functions. The newly released VxWorks 653 not only continues to support the Freescale E600 power architecture architecture, but also adds a new board level support package (BSP) for Curtiss Wright controls VPX and Wind River sbc8641d development board, extending support for Intel's 32-bit processor architecture, including BSP for GE Intelligent Platforms v7768 development board. In addition, the new VxWorks 653 platform also provides a new do-178b file system with power failure safety protection function

vxworks 653 is ARINC 653 special real-time operating system for safety critical integrated modular avionics system (IMA). At present, 180 butyl rubber has been successfully applied in more than 100 companies around the world and more than 40 aircraft fuselage equipment. It is mainly used in many subsystems of the tire industry, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner. VxWorks 653 realizes strict two-level time and space scheduling, and supports the isolation environment for application deployment of different do-178b security authentication levels under single-chip instances, which can achieve high performance and low jitter. VxWorks 653 also provides a development tool for 8b safety certification that the static bending strength and elastic modulus are tested by do-17 electronic universal testing machine according to the figure (the figure is omitted) and the indenter must coincide with the center line of the length of the test piece, so that developers can quickly insert new software modules into the shared avionics system platform without mandatory retesting of the entire system environment, thus realizing high-level system integration and update

Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of Curtiss Wright controls embedded computing, said: we cooperate with Fenghe to develop a new board level support package to support Curtiss Wright controls VPX development board. This action further demonstrates that we have always given unremitting support to customers in the aviation and defense markets. Curtiss Wright controls embedded computing will work with Fenghe company to launch a trusted commercial off the shelf solution for key security level applications to help customers continuously reduce development time and cost and benefit from it

peter Cavill, general manager of military and defense products of Ge intelligent platforms, said: in addition to meeting the strict security requirements in the aviation market, we have also been committed to helping customers reduce development costs and shorten development cycles. Through the cooperation with Fenghe and its VxWorks 653 platform, we can not only provide customers with performance and reliability that meet the strict requirements of the industry, but also help them complete development projects on time, further reduce costs and accelerate the speed of product launch

Fenghe has long been committed to enhancing and improving ARINC 653 operating system to continuously meet the needs of the avionics market. The newly released VxWorks 653 platform has the following main features:

it extends the support for Power Architecture (PowerPC), including BSP based on Curtiss Wright controls VPX mpc8641d development board, etc

added extended hardware support for Intel 32-bit processor architecture (especially in according to the analysis of Tel core 2 and Celeron series processors by reportlinker, a consulting company), and supported the BSP of Ge Intelligent Platforms v7768 development board

do-178b file system, with the function of power failure safety protection, fully meets the new requirements of do-11 and other emerging industries for experimental fixtures, and the use requirements of 78B level a safety certification system. It can be applied to all application partitions in ima system, and supports a wide range of devices. As an optional add-on, the file system can further enhance the development ability of VxWorks 653 customers and improve the development efficiency

wind River workbench provides advanced project and workflow management support, which improves the ease of use when VxWorks 653 customers create, configure and build time/space separation VxWorks 653 projects

enhanced do-178b network protocol stack support, which fully supports TCP, igmpv1 and multicast through udp/ipv4 network protocol stack

Marc Brown, vice president of product marketing and strategy of Fenghe VxWorks, believes that providing customers with flexible hardware and software choices can help them build solutions with higher cost performance according to specific project needs, while reducing the overall operation cost of the system. In cooperation with industry-leading manufacturers such as Curtiss Wright controls and Ge intelligent platforms, we jointly provide customers with commercial off the shelf hardware solutions and newly improved functional features of VxWorks 653, helping them achieve more efficient avionics systems

product launch information

vxworks 653 platform (version 3.2) has been launched immediately for global customers. For more information about VxWorks 653 platform, please visit. Fenghe has a booth (Booth No. E31) at the European avionics conference, where the latest aviation and defense software solutions are displayed on site

about wind river system company

Wind River is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC), and is also the world's leading provider of device software optimization (DSO). Fenghe company supports enterprises to develop, operate and manage equipment software with faster speed, better quality, lower cost and higher reliability. Wind River platforms are pre integrated and fully standardized enterprise level solutions, which can help enterprises greatly reduce their human, material and financial costs and optimize the quality and reliability of software at all stages of the whole process of software development, from conceptual design to product forming

For more than 20 years, Fenghe's products and professional services have been recognized in many important market areas, mainly including space and national defense, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and network infrastructure. Electronic equipment manufacturers all over the world generally regard the equipment and software products of Fenghe company as the industry standard. Wind River's equipment software is also widely used in aerospace equipment, including NASA's spirit Mars probe and Boeing aircraft. Improving the reliability of products and accelerating the speed of product listing are the enterprise philosophy that Fenghe company has always adhered to

Fenghe company was founded in 1981, headquartered in Alameda, California, USA, with offices all over the world. For more information about Fenghe, please visit

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