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From the 2017 Hong Kong autumn lighting exhibition to see the future development trend of LED lighting market

the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition (autumn Lighting Exhibition), hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, ended today. The charm value of the 19th Hong Kong Lighting show is still rising. According to statistics, the autumn lighting show gathered 2670 companies from 38 countries and regions, including new exhibitors from Denmark and South Africa, with the largest scale ever. Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition organized 78 buyer groups through its overseas offices, inviting more than 7600 important buyers from different countries and regions to visit the two exhibitions and purchases in Hong Kong

the autumn lantern show attracted buyers from all over the world to visit and purchase, and the negotiation and exchange atmosphere in the venue was warm

this article takes you back to this lighting event from different angles to help you understand the lighting industry in Hong Kong

Tang Guoqing: China is strong, the world is bright.

at the invitation of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Professor Tang Guoqing, an expert in the lighting industry, attended the Autumn Lantern Exhibition. Here are his comments and interpretations after watching the exhibition

mosquito repellent lamp: can LED lamps repel mosquitoes? Earlier, I heard that Zhang Rujing, a big brother of semiconductors, had vigorously promoted it. Professor Wang Guangxu of Nanchang University (trained by President Jiang Fengyi himself) also introduced that their silicon-based yellow light was selected by customers. It is said that the wavelength of the mosquito killing lamp is about 585 and the color temperature is between 3000K. It is also said that it takes 30 minutes for it to take effect. Believe it or not? They also produced hundreds of thousands in a summer. I was thinking: whether to fight the tiger, kill the flies, and repel mosquitoes again

panel lamp: Magic panel lamp can spell out ever-changing color blocks, using intelligent control technology and imaginative composition. The high-speed railway Fuxing with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour and the blue sky and white clouds on the roof are the works of a friend of mine from Shanxi Province in Shenzhen. Creativity is really good, but unfortunately it is static. If it is made into a dynamic effect, LED display is the first choice, but the power is not enough. What about projection? Insufficient space. I've been in trouble for many days, but I've seen it this time. Immediately, immediately, now, fight, let them have fate to hand in hand

filament lamp: it can be said that domestic flowering and foreign fragrance, the first floor of the exhibition hall, foreigners' favorite hanging is filament lamp, pay attention! It's a match pinched on the lighting, seeing both light and light, and taking pains to make a "dummy" play the piano. Why not make a robot? Unlike some domestic companies, naked lights, naked photos, meet sincerely. In my opinion, if you want to create an atmosphere between lamp and light, filament lamp is a not too two match. Everything can't be too urgent. It's also an important taste of Chinese people to convert exports to domestic sales. I believe that it won't take many days for thousands of families to like it. Because the lighting with mood, style and tone is also the demand of a better life

home lamp: it seems that the market of home lamp is becoming more and more popular. The good days when small and medium-sized enterprises dominate the market and the changes of automatically recording the wear of parts seem to be gone forever. Originally, lighting designers first rejected led, and then couldn't put it down. LED can make you think what you want and act willfully. Straight pull, ring, color registration, hat wearing, capsule, etc. It can be said that we are not afraid of being unable to do it, just afraid of being unexpected. Now, coupled with cross-border Internet +, home lights or light at home are indispensable partners in your and my life. In addition, this year's Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three American scientists who decoded the biological clock code, which may be another boost to home lighting

decorative lamp: that is, the modified lamp turns into a green leaf and a red flower, which refers to lamp 2 The second is the ball screw, which drives the motion of the sensor. I think there is no doubt about the LED light source. It is basically the world of Chinese enterprises. If China is strong, the world will shine. No matter how hard foreigners try, it's just icing on the cake. However, in the field of lamps and lanterns, there are great differences in historical origins and foreign cultures, and some articles can be done. A major feature of the exhibition is the dazzling range of lamps and lanterns, which are worth the designer's on-site observation

other highlights

in addition, it is observed that in terms of lighting products, compared with last year, the number of enterprises exhibiting plant lighting related products in this exhibition is also significantly increased. Many buyers at home and abroad are interested in plant lighting and stop to negotiate

in addition to the deformation of the sample, led, intelligent lighting and environmental protection products are still popular products at the exhibition, which can be said to be another trend in the lighting industry

this autumn lantern show is divided into several exhibition areas, which focus on displaying various innovative and personalized lighting, so as to facilitate buyers to target and purchase

"famous lights Gallery" displays more than 650 Hong Kong and international well-known brands

"LED lighting and environmental protection lighting" exhibition area gathered more than 1100 exhibitors, gathered all kinds of energy-saving LED lamps, as well as the latest environmental protection and energy-saving solutions in the market

the newly added "LED lighting parts" exhibition area is for manufacturers to collect led parts such as lighting accessories, transformers, etc. whose ionic current is approximately proportional to the residual gas density, i.e. vacuum degree

the exhibition area of "intelligent lighting and lighting scheme" shows fashionable lighting design, software, management system and intelligent lighting design scheme

Hong Kong Lighting exports

Zhou Qiliang, vice president of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, said that Hong Kong Lighting exports performed well this year, rising by 4.7% to HK $7.32 billion in the first three quarters. Mature markets such as the United States (+11.5%), the Netherlands (+43.2%), Sweden (+23.7%), all achieved double-digit increases, and emerging markets such as Alec and Poland increased by 63.3% and 141% respectively

according to Zhou Qiliang, Hong Kong will sign the free trade agreement with ASEAN next month, which is believed to further promote business exchanges between Hong Kong and ASEAN countries, and the lighting industry will benefit. It is understood that in September 2017, Hong Kong's lighting products exported to ASEAN amounted to HK $338 million, of which Hong Kong's exports to Thailand and Vietnam increased by 30.9% and 22.3%

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