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Compared with traditional hard disks, solid state drives (SSD) have great advantages of high performance and low latency, as well as their own weaknesses such as erasure life limit and write amplification. Aiming at the characteristics of SSD, Langchao smart full flash g2-f has made comprehensive optimization in terms of full flash storage architecture, efficiency and reliability, and has deeply integrated flash technology with enterprise level highly reliable data storage platform to meet the data storage needs of key businesses of IO intensive enterprises

the inherent weakness of erasure life limit and write amplification. Take the operating procedures of impact testing machine as an example: compared with traditional mechanical disks, SSD has great performance advantages: its random read-write performance is hundreds of times that of traditional disks, and the delay is only one hundred to one hundred times that of traditional disks. Today, with the emphasis on data throughput performance, the full flash storage array composed entirely of solid-state storage media has become the preferred choice for many enterprises to upgrade their storage systems. However, the full flash memory storage system still faces many challenges, among which the most significant disadvantage is the durability problem, that is, erasure life limit and write amplification

aiming at SSD characteristics, Langchao smart full flash g2-f has comprehensively optimized the full flash storage architecture, efficiency, reliability and other aspects, and deeply integrated flash technology with enterprise level highly reliable data storage platform to meet the data storage needs of IO intensive enterprises' key businesses

the erasure life of SSD is mainly determined by its storage medium (mainly NAND). Its typical erasure life is 15000 ~ 100000 times, which lags behind the traditional mechanical disk. Once the erasure life is exceeded, it is easy to cause data loss and even disk scrap. In addition, when SSD is operating, its write action is based on 1 page (such as 4K), while erasure is based on block (such as 128*4k) as the minimum unit. When data changes occur, a block of flash memory must be erased before new data is written (unless it is a blank data block), and erasing a block requires removing the effective page and writing it to other locations, which leads to write amplification

in traditional storage systems, disk controllers generally have a relatively spare cycle to process storage services such as snapshots, volume management and replication after processing IO, but SSD greatly improves the processing cycle of most services, making the traditional single controller processing capacity and the common AA dual control storage architecture have performance bottlenecks. last, Compared with traditional mechanical magnetism "As a leading supplier of special polymers, the cost of SSD is still very high at present, which has greatly affected the further popularization of SSD.

the starting point of Inspur: seeking the balance between SSD performance, reliability and price

in view of the above problems, Inspur has achieved the balance between SSD performance, reliability and price:

first, expand the controller mode. The addition of SSD makes the low-end storage resources no longer the performance bottleneck of the storage system 。 In this case, the distributed controller architecture with more concurrent data streams is usually used. For example, on the traditional dual control storage architecture, the processor of a single controller is upgraded to two or more; In order to guarantee your work, SC supports clusters on the basis of ale up, or natively supports the scale out controller architecture; The superposition of multiple controllers ensures the full exploitation of SSD performance

secondly, improve data organization. If the traditional raid mode based on disk is directly applied to SSD, the overall performance and SSD service life will be seriously affected. The design of Inspur g2-f full flash storage system focuses on how to give full play to the random access performance of SSD, mainly from the management of system metadata, FTL mapping, garbage collection and wear balance. For example, to achieve metadata aggregation, there will be no small data writing action, reducing the write amplification of the system

thirdly, its healthcare system is developing and there is no mature IO path. On the basis of traditional IO processing, the erasure times of SSD are reduced as much as possible to avoid write amplification of small pieces of data, which reduces write amplification and data volume. In addition, the data reduction mechanism is basically the standard configuration of Langchao full flash storage system g2-f, which can reduce the amount of data more

g2-f write performance is increased by times, and the average life is increased to more than 5 years

with the support of innovative technologies and concepts, Inspur intelligent full flash g2-f storage has achieved high expansion, high performance, high availability, and greatly improved its service life:

it supports horizontal expansion, supports up to 16 controllers, and TB cache, so that customers' storage resources can be linearly increased to meet customers' changing business needs

provide an intelligent cache masp architecture, optimize the performance of flash memory storage through data save and calculate, and the maximum system can reach 2.6 million IOPs

provide the hard compression technology of sequential stripe writing optimization, reduce the amount of data actually written through hard compression and zero elimination technology, and then improve the efficiency of data writing through sequential stripe technology, reduce SSD write amplification, and improve the write performance by times

adopt the global dynamic wear equalization algorithm, and improve the average service life of flash memory to more than 5 years through SSD global wear equalization, SSD fault detection and other flash memory optimization

with the help of A-A architecture and data consistency technology of dual control/multi control, Inspur g2-f has achieved enterprise level storage reliability of 6 9s. At the same time, g2-f provides hybrid cloud layering technology, which can be easily applied to the cloud. Its unique cloud tiering technology in the industry has unique hybrid cloud storage capabilities, and provides cloud caching, cloud disaster tolerance, cloud backup and other functions. It can realize data backup to the cloud without purchasing backup software, reduce the complexity of backup, and effectively protect customers' data security. Customers can combine the high cost performance and scalability of cloud storage with the local data center architecture to easily realize the seamless flow of data between the local data center and the public cloud

Sun Gang, general manager of Inspur storage products department, said: Inspur's new generation of intelligent full flash g2-f storage system focuses on the integration of flash memory technology and enterprise level high reliable data storage platform, which further enriches Inspur's intelligent storage G2 product system and meets the data storage needs of IO intensive enterprises' key businesses. In the future, Inspur storage will continue to increase R & D investment, continuously optimize products according to user needs, and work with partners to create an open ecosystem for the future, providing end-to-end intelligent storage platform solutions that are fully optimized

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