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Waveform Recorder knowledge

1 Waveform Recorder

portable Waveform Recorder can record the waveform of DC, AC, square wave, sawtooth wave, pulse wave and other irregular voltage and current signals. The data acquisition rate can reach up to 50000sps (8-channel voltage, current signals and 16 channel switching value signals are sampled synchronously). The test analog signal range covers MV to hundreds of volts and Ma to hundreds of amps. The test switch signal can be a passive contact or an active contact once the material is crushed (if necessary)

portable waveform recorder has the function of recalling wave recording. After starting wave recording, the device can not only record the signal waveform after the trigger time of wave recording, but also completely record the signal waveform of any length of time before the trigger time of wave recording

during wave recording, the user can set the sampling rate, wave recording channel, wave recording length, recall time, as well as rich setting information such as the signal name, signal range and unit of each signal channel. After setting the recording information, the user can save the recording setting information to the recording information template. In the future, if similar recording settings are used, the template can be called to quickly complete the recording settings

2. Wave recording startup mode

portable waveform recorder has a variety of startup modes to meet users' different application needs:

manual startup: with keyboard and mouse, users can start wave recording manually at any time

timing start: the user sets the start time of wave recording in advance, and the device will automatically start wave recording after reaching the specified time

remote control start: through the remote control interface, the user can use the external controller contact or button to start the wave recording

analog threshold crossing start: the user can set the threshold crossing value of each analog channel signal. Once the wave recording signal exceeds the setting value, the device will automatically start wave recording

switching value displacement start: the user can set the up jump or down jump trigger mode of each switching value channel signal. Once the corresponding displacement of the switching value signal of the corresponding channel occurs, the device will automatically start wave recording

3. Real time tracking

portable Waveform Recorder not only has the function of recording waves, but also has the real-time function of five display interfaces

digital meter: display the real-time value of 32 analog signals and the status value of 64 switching signals at the same time in the form of digital meter

bar graph: dynamically display the amplitude and state of each test signal in the form of bar graph

vector diagram: dynamically display the vector relationship diagram of each AC voltage and AC current signal

trend curve: the signals of each channel are displayed in the form of curves, which is convenient for users to observe and analyze the change trend of signals

relationship curve: any two channels (1) can be decelerated and the output torque signal can be increased to form a group, and the change relationship between channels can be dynamically displayed in the form of X-Y characteristic curve. 4. Data meter reading

when running in real-time tracking state, portable Waveform Recorder specially provides users with automatic meter reading function. The copied data is stored in the file specified by the user, and the system can display and print the meter reading results in the waveform recording and analysis software

5. Fault recorder

because the portable waveform recorder has the function of analog signal out of limit and switching value signal displacement to automatically start recording, it can also be used as a portable fault recorder. After setting the limit value of analog quantity and the criterion of switching value displacement, the recorder will run in the fault recording state. Once the starting conditions are met, the recorder will automatically record the wave according to the set sampling frequency and recording time, and automatically save the recording data. Then, the system automatically enters the monitoring state, so as to realize continuous fault recording. 6. Wave recording and playback

at present, most microcomputer relay protection testers have wave recording and playback functions. Portable Waveform Recorder can convert recorded data to ansi/ieee C37 (COMTRADE) format required * CFG、*. Dat file for waveform playback by relay protection tester

7. Switch characteristic test

portable Waveform Recorder can test the mechanical characteristics and contact resistance of the switch. Specifically, it can measure the three-phase opening and closing time, average opening speed, rigid opening speed, average closing speed, rigid closing speed, three-phase synchronism, switching stroke curve, switch contact resistance and other parameters of the switch

8. Waveform

adopts a unique multi page display mode for the recorded analog signal and switching value signal. The system sets up eight display pages and switch pages for analyzing switch characteristics. A waveform can be placed in multiple pages at the same time, and a page can also display multiple waveforms. This flexible waveform display method provides great convenience for users to analyze waveforms and write reports

when the user needs to compare the waveforms in different recording files, multiple recording files can be opened at the same time, and multiple recording files can be arranged in a stacked or tiled manner

the user can change the name of the waveform, the display font, the display position on the screen, the display color and the display proportion at will. The user can expand, compress and move the display waveform along the X and Y directions. In the X direction, the user can manually scroll the waveform along the time axis by dragging the mouse, keyboard or toolbar to browse the waveform continuously, or set it to the automatic mode and scroll the curve regularly. Users can also insert annotations at any position in the waveform area

9. Signal analysis

in addition to convenient waveform function, it also has powerful signal analysis function

timing analysis: the timing analysis of df1024 consists of three basic time elements, namely, the real-time origin, the timing origin and the time cursor. Users can observe the time of any point on the waveform relative to the origin of the time scale and the time difference between any two points. Further, the device provides a switch displacement sequence information window, which can display the up jump and down jump time of all switch signals on the current page relative to the starting point of timing

magnitude analysis: the user can observe and analyze the signal measurement value, average value, effective value, phase, effective value and phase of the whole harmonic, fundamental frequency, etc. at any point of each measurement curve

vector diagram: users can view the vector diagram of AC voltage and current signals at any time of each measurement curve

switch characteristic analysis: the user can analyze the action time and closing/opening speed characteristics of the switch on the switch characteristic page

10. Curve operation

using the recorded signal curve, after curve operation, the device can calculate many new signal curves for users, such as 3I0 curve can be obtained by adding the three-phase current curves of a, B and C. At present, the curve operation functions provided include:

* harmonic effective value, frequency, absolute value, inverse number, square root, Nth power, average value and other operations of the curve

* add, subtract, multiply, divide, percentage between two curves or between a single curve and a constant, and then boost blasting and phasor angle difference operations

* calculation of positive sequence, negative sequence and zero sequence components of three-phase AC signals and calculation of zero sequence and negative sequence imbalance factors

* calculation of single-phase, two-phase, three-phase fundamental/harmonic active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, active and reactive power ratio

the curve generated by curve operation can be analyzed in time sequence and quantity value, and it can also be used as a variable to participate in curve operation again

11. X-Y characteristic curve

using the recorded signal curve, the portable Waveform Recorder can analyze the X-Y characteristics of these signals as of March 2017. Specifically, it can draw the X-Y characteristic curve between two signals and the X-Y characteristic curve between one signal and multiple signals. 12. Printout

users can print the recorded waveform under any printer supported by windows, and they can preview the effect before printing. When printing, users can set options such as print interval, total number of pages to be printed, whether to print page number, whether to print in color, curve width, time scale division, header and footer, page margin, etc., and can get rich and colorful printing effects by setting print partition

13. Waveform reconstruction

waveform interception: when the recording waveform is very long and the recording file is too large, the user can use the data length control function of file conversion to retain a waveform of interest to the user on the original recording diagram and discard the redundant part, which can reduce the size of the recording file and facilitate the storage of the recording data

channel interception: for multi-channel wave recording files, when users are only interested in some channel signals, they can use the channel selection function of file conversion to retain the required channel signals and discard the redundant channel signals, so as to reduce the size of the waveform file

waveform sampling: when the recording file is recorded at a high sampling rate, and the user wants to reduce the sampling rate of the recording data for some special reasons to reduce the amount of recording data, he can sample the data at the sampling rate of n:1, so as to form a new recording file with the same recording time length, but the sampling rate is reduced to one nth of the original recording file. For example, when the relay protection test is used to playback a long-term fault recording file (such as switching on the no-load transformer), because the tester has restrictions on the size of the data file, the whole process of fault recording cannot be played back completely. This problem can be well solved by using the waveform sampling function

14. Wave recording file merging

in order to facilitate users to compare and analyze wave recording waveforms at different times and places, df1024 portable Waveform Recorder provides wave recording file merging function. With this function, multiple different oscillograph files can be combined into one oscillograph file, so that the related signals can be analyzed, compared and processed on the same oscillogram

15. Automatic backup

df1024 portable Waveform Recorder can automatically backup each wave recording file to a specific file, so that once the user does not save the wave recording data, and the microcomputer has an accident that causes the loss of wave recording data, the user can use the backup file to restore the wave recording data

16. File information

users can use the "file information" menu to understand the file name, path, file size, trigger time, recording time, recall time, sampling rate, trigger form, last modified time, recording data subject, operator and other information of the recording file

17. Format conversion

with the format conversion function, the wave recording data, meter reading data and trend chart data recorded by the portable Waveform Recorder can be converted from internal format into a general TXT text format file or COMTRADE format file for use by Excel, word, relay protection tester or other analysis software

18. Convert oscillogram into picture

users can easily convert the oscillogram into a general graphic file (supporting JPG, BMP, GIF and other graphic formats) with this function. The converted file can be embedded in word or PowerPoint and other word processing software to quickly generate beautiful test reports, or browse the oscillogram with other picture software on the computer without df1024 background software

measurement interface specification

1, hall type current and voltage converter

voltage converter:

4 voltage input channels; Channel to ground and between channels

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