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Wago cage clamp®: 30th anniversary of its birth

30 years ago, Wago invented cage clamp, a screw free connection technology that can reliably clamp single strand and thin multi strand conductors. Nowadays, it has become a world recognized industrial standard and an indispensable technology in the field of electrical connection

since the establishment of the company in 1951, terminals and connectors using spring electrical connection technology have been produced in Wago. The idea of connecting wires with springs instead of screws has been ridiculed at first, and finally recognized and copied by industry peers. It can be said that it finally succeeded in raising the beam. Wago cage spring connection technology was introduced in 1977. After 30 years of development, the patented cage spring technology has been applied more than 10billion times all over the world, such as in rail mounted terminal blocks, plug-in connectors and electrical components. Wago, the inventor of this technology, has also developed into a market and technology leader in the field of cage spring clamping

The concept of Wago cage spring connection technology is: anti vibration, fast wiring and maintenance free. Its vibration resistance has been verified in the vibration test carried out in accordance with iec/en standards, and the cage spring has also passed both the test for the electrical equipment of rail transit vehicles (iec/en 61373) and the test carried out by the shipbuilding certification authority (such as GL, LR, DNV, etc.). At the same time, Wago cage spring connection technology has been proved to have long-term stability in mechanical and electrical aspects, that is, it is truly maintenance free, in the laboratory tests of international certification bodies and in the process of worldwide application. The majority of users regard it as the most common connection method suitable for all wires. Even under the conditions of impact, vibration and bad weather, it can still provide continuous and reliable protection against the influence of price factors. 2 Clamping connection for maintenance of tensile strength of cast test bar

with the passage of time, cage clamp, the cage spring connection technology, has also been developed continuously. Based on its derived compact cage clamp compact, it takes into account the trend of increasingly tight space and increasingly miniaturized parts, and its volume is smaller and saves more space. In addition, the new S-shaped cage spring connection technology cage clamp s developed by Wago not only ensures the versatility of traditional cage springs, but also enables the direct insertion of single strand hard wires and thin multi strand wires with cold pressed joints. This technology has been applied in the rail mounted terminal series topjob s with comfortable operation and compact shape, as well as the winsta plug-in connector series suitable for building wiring. Wago's goal is to further improve its position as a market and technology leader in the field of cage spring clamping through the continuous innovation of connection technology through the testing of SGS, FDA and other institutions. Through Wago's efforts, the equipment has higher applicability and Wago's customers get stronger competitiveness

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