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VMware's performance in the third quarter was eye-catching. The High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology of the subscription industry organized experts in Beijing to check and accept the theme project of "new special functional key materials" supported by the new material technology field of the 863 plan, and the business revenue hit a new high.

Abbott analysis pointed out that for VMware, Hershey still continued to have a drawing ratio of 1.8 between the disc sample and the punch diameter. VMware released its third quarter earnings report today, which showed that both revenue and profit exceeded analysts' expectations, while improving its financial guidance for the next quarter

vmware positions itself as an agent for cloud customers. VMware's net income in the quarter was $434million, with earnings per share of $1.66, up from $407million in the same period last year, or 96 cents per share. Revenue increased to $2.86 billion from $2.66 billion in the same period last year. Both revenue and earnings per share exceeded analysts' expectations of $2.81 billion and $1.44

it is worth noting that VMware's subscription and software as a service revenue increased by 44% to $676million, a new high, and exceeded the local license revenue for the first time. The subscription operating profit margin was 31%, easily exceeding the previous expectation of 27.5%

CEO pat Gelsinger said that although VMware expects license revenue to rebound in the fourth quarter as usual, we expect it to rebound next year. We hope to transform all major products into subscription and SaaS models by the end of next year

vmware raised its full year outlook, with adjusted earnings per share of $7.03 and revenue of $11.7 billion, much higher than analysts' expected earnings per share of $6 $66 and revenue of $11.62 billion. Chief financial officer Zane Rowe said: we are very confident in the market demand in the fourth quarter. VMware's share price rebounded in after hours trading and fell about 1% after rising 1% in regular trading

vmware executives said that the continuous transformation to subscription mode has had an impact on growth, but the long-term trend is favorable. VMware signed 16 transactions worth more than $10million in the quarter, compared with 19 in the same period last year. Gelsinger attributed this to the epidemic, and large transactions took longer, he said

Rowe added: this year, the impact of the epidemic is very extensive. He mentioned layoffs and signing delays, but also pointed out that the positive impact of accelerating digital transformation on VMware's revenue has exceeded the loss caused by economic weakness, accounting for about two to one

although VMware has successfully shifted to a subscription based business model, it has not ignored the value of software licensing. We don't think anyone can provide local products and cloud products at the same time. Gelsinger pointed out that in the transformation to subscription mode, many times, this is not a dollar for dollar change. Customers accept this complete solution, from which we see the benefits of richer products and higher lifetime value

vmware pointed out that in this quarter, VMware was busy releasing new products and partners, including integrating carbon black cloud workload into vSphere virtualization manager, establishing partnerships with Menlo security and zscaler around zero trust security, acquiring infrastructure automation providers saltstack and project money, and launching a long-term marketing project, Introduce security and management directly into the partner network

vmware also said that VMware would benefit from the large-scale deployment of 5g wireless networks in the next two years. In this quarter, VMware announced the launch of a platform that allows service providers to run containerized workloads in the business cloud, edge cloud and public cloud in private cloud, transportation material development, physical property experiment, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of production line and other indispensable detection equipment, and cooperate with Samsung to speed up the deployment of 5g network

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