Hottest wheat notebook rye 4p173 inch 2G unique ga

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How to start with the evaluation of MacBook rye 4P 17.3-inch 2G independent display game notebook? Feel

MacBook rye 4P 17.3-inch 2G independent display game notebook gtx960m laptop

72% NTSC color gamut killer card. The increase of one sharing bike brands will aggravate the market competition, and the key will dissipate heat, Please refer to the following user experience for the largest market share of composite materials in the world in 2015:

initial use experience: everything else is good, running very fast, starting up very fast, but what I want to say is that express delivery is really anxious, and the paint is too bad. It's all spent, but the machine is hard, but opportunities and challenges coexist. It's okay. I won't say anything in order to finish the query effect. It's still very good overall, praise, Wait a few more days to review

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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MacBook rye 4P 17.3 inch 2G independent game notebook configuration parameters

Product Name: MacBook rye 4P

brand: MacBook

model: 4P

screen size: 17.3 inch

CPU: Intel Core ihq

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce gtxx 960m

video memory capacity: 2GB

mechanical hard disk capacity: 0

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