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Virtual reality VR glasses VR game helmet how about the function of Dapeng E3C? Start with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

recommendation of best-selling products of Dapeng: Dapeng E3C virtual reality VR glasses VR game helmet home indoor 3D film support steam platform. How about the specific functions of this Dapeng E3C? Let's look at the first-hand experience and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help you choose Dapeng E3C for reference

first, the experience of getting started with the dpvre3c:

the electronic universal experimental machine mainly uses the servo speed regulation system.

the function of the dpvre3c is really good. My friend's family is using this one. He said it's good to use, and recommended it to me. Later, I started with the dpvre3c. The dpvre3c has good texture, light weight, good image quality, and is not tired after a long time. The price is affordable. But it's still a little pressed for people who wear glasses. It would be better if the interior of the main body could be adjusted back and forth. With my computer equipped with i5 gtx660, I can watch movies smoothly and play games without thinking about it, but it also meets expectations. When it looks like a desktop, it will shift a little after a long time. I don't know if it's a computer performance problem. Generally speaking, it's good Expand to view more detailed comments to avoid rust

II. Detailed configuration parameters of Dapeng E3C:

III. evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of Dapeng E3C:

advantages: 1 The image quality is still very good, and there is basically no obvious lattice. 2. The screen effect still exists, but it is not obvious. 3. The phenomenon of blurred edges is also basically absent. 4. 3D broadcasting provides a large number of VR content. Although the image quality is not very good, the content is rich through introduction. 5. Blu ray member content is provided, and the number and quality of films are commendable. Is it possible to charge in the later stage? 6. It supports immersive mode, and the operation can be separated from the computer, keyboard and mouse, which is convenient to use. 7. Support steam VR. Besides watching movies, you can also play some VR games

after receiving help

disadvantages: 1 Wireless connection is not supported, and wired connection is still uncomfortable, which is also the worst point I feel. 2. The local video playback needs to be strengthened. The main reason is that in the immersion mode, the local file lists all the supported format files. The number is huge, and it is difficult to find the required content. It is suggested to set it as a folder list, or even in the form of a Movie Poster Wall, which is cool. 3. Local playback does not support the selection of audio tracks and subtitles. Only one of them can be loaded by default, which is inconvenient and flexible. (it can be solved by upgrading software or firmware) 4 The early Dapeng assistant does not support updating. Each time you check the update, you will be prompted that it is already the latest. In fact, the Dapeng assistant on Dapeng station has been updated to 3.4.6, but the early version cannot be detected. Check the quotation after the coupon of big friend E3C tmall

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