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Around the top-level design, p> China railway construction heavy industry shield machine helps Moscow metro construction

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. Relying on China's efficiency, China Railway Construction shocked the Russian media, praised the "railway construction speed" one after another, and created a "red whirlwind" in Moscow, the "Metro capital"

just two days ago, the good news came. The first "Polina" shield machine among the five shield machines has successfully started the excavation. The equipment is running normally and the excavation is in good condition. It added a touch of joy and joy to the opening of the world cup in Russia

they have traveled across the sea and traveled a long way, only to show the best equipment and construction method for the direct application of sports power supply to the foreign friend magnodyn system design. Under the test of -20 ℃ cold, the service team of China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. cooperated with the construction unit, the Moscow Project Department of China Railway 16th Bureau, to ensure the normal splicing and assembly of shield machines under cold conditions at the fastest speed

on May 6, the hoisting of the shield machine began. The service support team worked day and night, just for the mission and enthusiasm on their shoulders. In only three days, they successfully completed the task of lowering the first shield machine, such as wool and acrylic

in the team, Huang Xian from China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage in his father's family during the period of ensuring that the shield machine was lowered into the well. However, Huang Xian had a tight hand and a heavy task. In order not to affect Huang Xian's work, his family did not mention anything to him, but just kept reminding him to stick to his job, ensure that the five shield machines exported to Europe for the first time, successfully complete the task and win glory for the country. It was not until he finished his work that his family explained the situation at home to him. Fortunately, his father had turned the corner

the weather is cold and the earth is cold. We are forging ahead just to live up to expectations. In less than a month, the five shield machines shipped to Moscow have successfully completed the hoisting of the core components of the third shield machine "yevgenin"

at present, with the smooth start of the first shield machine, the remaining four shield machines will also be put into use in Moscow metro. While China railway construction is demonstrating "China's efficiency" to the Russian people, it will also demonstrate the leading international Chinese technology with "national treasure". (this article is from China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd.)

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