MHL G3 Small PLC software release upgrade version

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Hollysys G3 Small PLC software released an upgraded version

recently, the PLC Business Department of Hollysys company upgraded the lecg3 Small PLC programming software. The new version of software powerpro2.1.1b further improved the functions including function block, product configuration, target setting, etc. on the basis of the original software

powerpro is a programming software for hollias-lecg3 series small integrated PLC products. It is a high-performance tool software that pursues the convenience of field operation. The software is based on Windows environment and complies with IEC standard LD, FBD, IL, St, SFC, CFC and other programming languages. Users can flexibly select one or several languages for programming according to their needs. Different languages can be called and converted to each other. It has offline simulation function and breakpoint debugging function. Users can test the correctness of logic before program trial run without downloading to hardware equipment, It greatly facilitates the debugging of the program

at present, powerpro2.1.1 software has begun to provide network downloading, including Hollysys station () and major industrial control portal stations. Enter the download page

powerpro software function introduction

powerpro interface is clear and clear. The software provides a large number of convenient shortcut keys. Users can directly list instructions and corresponding libraries through shortcut keys, and complete the process of debugging and downloading, which greatly shortens the time for program development and modification. The software also provides the functions of inserting, copying, pasting and deleting between the programs in each section, which greatly improves the input efficiency of the program

powerpro software schematic diagram

powerpro has rich and efficient instructions and function blocks, numerous data types and rich extension libraries. The instruction system is the bridge between the hardware and software of the programmable controller, and it is the basis of the program design of the programmable controller. Powerpro provides more than 400 kinds of instructions and function blocks, including (arithmetic operation, Boolean operation, data type conversion, address operation, advanced operation, signal generator, etc.). Customers can also customize special application instructions according to their needs; The software also supports a variety of data types, such as time type, date type, one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional arrays, pointer type, enumeration type, structure type, etc; It has powerful operation function, and can complete 32-bit floating-point operation, PID operation of optimization processing, etc; Moreover, the interrupt call is convenient, the execution is accurate, and has the function of immediate output, which is not affected by the scanning time

in the process of writing PLC program, users often refer to some G3 instructions or function blocks, such as character 3 powder area; String processing instructions, trigger function blocks, counter function blocks, etc. in order to facilitate the use of users, we collect G3 instructions and function blocks used to realize common functions in Pu, PVC, ABS and pppowerpro in foreign automotive interior plastics for classification and establish special libraries. In this way, users only need to add the libraries required in the program to realize function calls, It greatly improves the code running efficiency and saves the program storage space. At the same time, the software also supports a variety of user-defined libraries, which greatly improves the reusability and function expansion ability of the program

powerpro has powerful software simulation, reproduction debugging and user code checking functions. The software has a powerful simulation function, which can simulate the input, output, timing, counting and other situations on site; Commissioning function. In addition to monitoring, there are also single step, single cycle, arbitrary setting of breakpoints, forced variable values, etc., which are convenient for users to debug programs; By calling the commands of view instance, call tree and cross reference list, the program call relationship is displayed, which is convenient for quick understanding of the program; By calling the commands such as viewing unused variables, overlapping memory areas, simultaneous access, multiple write output, etc., the abnormal conditions caused by nonstandard program design are displayed for the convenience of checking the program

powerpro has a fully functional view, alarm and password protection function for user programs. The powerful view function of the software can graphically display the engineering variable data and change law, and realize the visualization of the control process. In this way, it is convenient to observe the curve change of the PID controller and observe and operate the PLC data (as shown in the figure). At the same time, an alarm system is integrated in the software, which can be used to detect, record and view the critical state in the production process. In addition, the user can set the password by himself to encrypt the program and library. According to different actual situations, the user can also set level user groups without recording the experimental data. Each user group can set different operation permissions and passwords. The user can operate the program through identity authentication with his private password to prevent the program from being illegally stolen and effectively protect the rights and interests of the user

pid curve

in addition, powerpro can display the operands used in each instruction function block in the same line, which is convenient for the user to find. Once the user encounters a program with a large number of operands that needs to be modified, this function can make the tedious variable search simple and convenient. The functions of merging project and comparing project also provide convenience for users to write PLC programs. Merging project plays an active role in increasing crop production. It can merge objects in other projects into the current project, saving time wasted by repeated operations. Comparing project can compare the contents of all objects in the current project and another project. When users want to know whether the current project has been modified, Just compare the currently open project with its previous version

powerpro not only has the superior characteristics of traditional PLC programming software, but also injects some modern software object-oriented development concepts, which makes the program development simple and fast, makes it easier for new technicians learning PLC programming to operate, and also makes it easier to develop more complex and stable programs. In addition, powerpro also provides a very convenient debugging environment, which makes the debugging of the program more convenient and greatly shortens the development cycle of the program

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