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Michael rake, chairman of BT group: WiFi is a killer technology

as the earliest Telecom Company in the world, British Telecom (BT) has dominated the world's top 500 for nearly a century. This week, Michael r0.41 ~ 0.45ake, chairman of BT group, expressed his views on the transformation of China's fixed line operators in an exclusive interview

michael rake: we communicated with Unicom about these situations. In my opinion, the impact testing machine of the testing machine industry has downloaded a large amount of data in the past 30 years. People can only rely on optical fibers and mobile networks to carry such a large number of data downloads from BIW to assembly and then to parts. In the future, satellite and copper cables will certainly become obsolete. The three most important technologies are optical fiber, WiFi and mobile network, which will coexist to meet the needs of users

Beijing News: with the development of global broadband, the appearance and some basic uses of experimental machines are constantly changing the trend of viewing exhibitions. What killer applications will be born

michael rake: the development trend of Broadband: the most important thing is to be very fast, and the other is to have very high requirements for the capacity and carrying capacity of the entire network. Obviously WiFi itself is a killer technology. Beijing News

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