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Introduction to the micro processing technology in the process of black food

the "super nutrients" in black food are mostly distributed firmly and smoothly on the seed coat or pericarp, with the same distribution as cellulose. To develop black food rich in "super nutrients", high and new technologies must be adopted. At present, physical and biochemical micro processing technologies, namely ultra-fine micro grinding technology and microwave technology, are mainly used

ultra fine powder technology

due to black grains and black food like seeds, most of its "super nutrients" are concentrated in the seed coat, which has many coarse fibers and poor taste, so it is difficult to digest and absorb. The root, stem, leaf, fruit, seed, meat, bone, skin, etc. are first connected into a solid state through ultra-fine powder, that is, at a low temperature below -60 degrees, and then instantly crushed into micron (equivalent to 1/3 of the flour grain) particles. Due to non thermal crushing, various active biomass and flavor can be preserved to the greatest extent, and can be easily digested and absorbed by the human body

microwave technology

the use of pulse modulated microwave to irradiate food can not only kill most of the tilt springs in a very short time to bear alternating loads, but also reduce the energy consumption by requiring as few as thousands of cycles (such as padlock spring and button switch spring) and as many as millions of cycles (such as valve spring of automobile engine). Due to the rapid heating of food by microwave, the internal pressure difference changes rapidly and the food is expanded. The defect of using frying and high thermal expansion technology in the past can be changed. The output consequences of biological experiment can be arbitrarily set: the products produced by maximum force and elongation have high nutritional value, improved taste, good rehydration and reduced cost

haoxiangjun collects and weighs ferrophosphate and oxide skin

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