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On October 24, the press conference and signing ceremony of "technology-based (military civilian integration) enterprise equipment and instrument loan" (hereinafter referred to as "equipment and instrument loan") technology and finance products jointly established by Mianyang Finance Bureau, science and Technology Bureau, ICBC and Sichuan Zhongke rongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. were held in the municipal innovation center

"equipment and instrument loan" provides scientific and technological financial services for enterprises in a new way of bank government cooperation and platform participation, helps military civilian integration enterprises and scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase instruments and equipment needed for their R & D and production, and solves the urgent problem of "no mortgage and difficult financing" in the early stage of enterprise development. It mainly has the following characteristics: first, risk sharing. The government and the platform provide the bottom line for enterprise loans by setting up a risk pool, Strengthen risk guarantee and lower the threshold for enterprises to obtain loans; Second, there is no need for mortgage, and big data credit and pure credit are adopted for lending; Third, special funds are used for special purposes. According to GGII, the estimated funds are only used for the purchase of instruments and equipment by enterprises; Fourth, the price is favorable, the product interest rate is controlled within 30% of the benchmark interest rate, and the credit cost of enterprises is effectively reduced; 5. The term of the loan is long. The longest term of the loan can be up to 3 years, exceeding the one-year term of the general loan; Sixthly, the approval is efficient. All the approval processes are completed in Mianyang. There are few links and the approval speed is fast. The loan can be disbursed within five working days at the fastest; Seventh, share after purchase. All the equipment purchased with funds provided by this loan are described as follows: the instruments and equipment will be open and shared in the "17 sharing" of Sichuan military civilian integration large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform, which greatly provides resource utilization efficiency

in recent years, Mianyang has further promoted the pilot development of the combination of science, technology and finance, and has successively established 22 specialized service institutions of science, technology and finance; It has set up a 500million yuan military civilian integration industrial development fund, a 500million yuan "two new" industrial development fund, and a 2billion yuan Mianyang Science and technology high performance alliance, which aims to combine the technical achievements and innovation capabilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the operational capabilities, industrial transformation capabilities, market development capabilities, and sales and service capabilities of relevant enterprises; Credit institutions are encouraged to carry out differentiated services, establish a green channel for examination and approval of science and technology credit, and innovate and launch credit focused and unsecured credit products according to the characteristics of technology-based enterprises that value assets less

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