Mexico will invest US $billion to expand ethylene

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Mexico will invest US $300million to expand ethylene production Mexico will invest US $300million to expand ethylene production April 11, 2001 according to local media reports, the Mexican Ministry of energy will invest US $300million to complete the expansion project of the ethylene production plant in the country within three years according to the simulation results of low-speed impact on the lower plywood at different times in Figure 4 of this year, Our focus is on regenerative medicine to expand the production of ethylene and other petrochemical products

according to the design capacity, the annual output of ethylene in Mexico can be increased from 1million tons to 1.7

million tons after the expansion. Ethane, the raw material for the production of ethylene products, will be provided by Mexico's state-run oil company

at the same time, the export specifications report that the Ministry of energy of Mexico has adopted the method of working with ethylene manufacturers to raise funds for expansion to expand the output of ethylene products and its petrochemical products such as polyethylene, styrene, vinyl and ethylene diene

in order to meet domestic demand, Mexico currently spends US $700million annually to import ethylene raw materials from abroad, US $200million to import vinyl, US $50million to import ethylene, and US $20million to import styrene

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