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There are doors in every room, so are the doors in every room the same? In fact, we should choose different door types according to the different functions of the room, so as to give full play to the practical function of the door as much as possible

how to choose a wooden door? First of all, we need to understand where this door is to be installed, in the bedroom, study, or kitchen? Now, let's share a little knowledge about wooden doors with you

the house door is the guardian of the room. Its anti-theft effect should be considered. You can choose a beautiful, stocky and thick full solid wooden door

the bedroom is a personal space, so the most important thing for the bedroom door is to consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, this door is mostly selected as a loose and soft door with weak light leakage, such as a wooden door inlaid with frosted glass and with a quiet shape

the study is a small world for study and work, so the study door should choose a door type with good heat insulation effect, good light leakage and strong imagination, such as the wooden door with ancient window edge pattern, which can create a simple, elegant and elegant scholar's charm

the kitchen door should choose a door type that is oil smoke proof and has good tightness, which can effectively block the oil smoke that occurs when the fire breaks out, such as the semi glass door with sandblasting pattern or semi light leakage

sharing is here for the time being. I hope these little knowledge can bring you a little help




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