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Home waterproofing is the basic project for us to do home decoration, but waterproofing is also a highly comprehensive work. To really do a good job of waterproofing, we need the cooperation of multiple types of work. Lei Bangshi home waterproofing experts pointed out that waterproofing needs the cooperation of drainage engineering

in the family, the kitchen and bathroom are the places with the most pipes. Because of the need of beauty, many families do not use “ Exposed pipe, but choose to bury the pipe under the surface, so leibangshi experts suggest that the pipe must choose a good pipe, the size should match the water pressure of the floor, the interface should be connected and dense, and the pipe orifice should take sufficient measures to prevent debris from rushing into the pipe with the running water, so as to prevent the pipe from blocking, so as to ensure the smoothness of the building pipeline, and it is not easy to leak, accumulate water, and return water. In addition, the floor of the kitchen and bathroom must have a slope making layer, and the water can automatically flow to the floor drain and other drainage positions when the accumulated water is not treated

Lei Bangshi family waterproof experts also mentioned that the ceramic chips with shiny surfaces we see everyday actually have a certain water absorption. The glaze on the surface of the ceramic tile does not reach the specified thickness, and the water absorption is higher, that is, the long-term drainage is not smooth, and the accumulated water penetrates through the cement mortar on the bottom of the ceramic tile, causing the base surface to store water. In this environment, bacteria are easy to breed, and the moisture will be heavy, affecting people's health. Moreover, if there are steel bars and wires buried under the tiles, they will be corroded, causing potential danger

the cement strength of the cement base surface with long-term water storage will also be reduced, and the tiles are prone to fracture after being trampled. If the waterproof height is not in place, the accumulated water will also string through the cement mortar to other rooms that are not waterproof, resulting in the so-called “ The reason for the unexplained seepage phenomenon is that it is difficult to find the seepage source in this way

leibangshi has been focusing on home waterproofing for 8 years, reminding consumers that waterproofing and fire prevention are an essential part of living and working in peace and contentment. Do not be careless, and home waterproofing should be comprehensive and meticulous




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