Rheinland egger Japanese style design is practical

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Rheinland egger integrated home shares the interior design of Japanese style to create a fresh, natural, practical, elegant and Zen room

everyone has different ideas about the decoration of the house, and the Japanese style is also very popular in recent years. The Japanese style stresses on creating a fresh, natural, practical, elegant and Zen room

in the Japanese style interior design, the equipment of most items are displayed according to the design principle of seeing the big from the small

Japanese style interior design has formed a modeling mode of "small, refined and exquisite", using eaves and niche space to create specific soft and moist light and shadow

in this style of living room, it pays attention to simple lines and simple display. It abandons many complicated curve shapes and adopts clear decorative lines, which can enhance the sense of room space

clear lines and pure walls highlight the unique style of simple and elegant Japanese style. Most of the doors and windows of Japanese architecture are simple and transparent, and the furniture is low and few. Living indoors, it can give people a spacious and bright feeling, which not only expands the field of vision in the room, but also fully reflects the Japanese style

whether the overall layout or local design, some natural decoration materials will be used, such as grass, bamboo, mat, wood, paper, rattan, stone, etc. these materials are derived from nature and natural environmental protection

their use can try to keep the primary color without modification, which is a decoration method close to nature. At the same time, it also shows a peaceful life mood and a quiet and far-reaching life mentality

pay attention to creating a natural sense of the room, with special emphasis on the ingenious integration of the room and nature. Therefore, Japanese decoration often uses materials with strong natural texture, so as to have a cordial exchange with nature and have fun




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